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Welcome to my personal site!

I'm Emilio Prado, a Software Engineer based in Monterrey, Mexico. Here you'll be able to find all about my latest projects and blogs. The main focus of my blogs will be on technology but I might slip in one or two fitness blogs. I have a B.S. in Computer Science & Technology from Tec de Monterrey & I'm currently an Applications Engineer at Steelcase.

Fullstack Developer @ NEORIS

As a Fullstack Developer at NEORIS, I mainly utilized React and .NET for software development while applying design patterns and software development principles. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, and my responsibilities encompassed feature development, bug resolution, code refactoring, comprehensive unit testing, and thorough documentation.

Technologies used: React, .NET, JavaScript, C#, SQL

DevOps Engineer Intern @ MSCI

During my internship at MSCI, I took care of cloud infrastructure tasks such as code refactoring, fulfillment of compliance requirements, process improvements and bug fixing. My role involved extensive collaboration with diverse team to develop telemetry-based dashboards ensuring full visibility into critical workloads providing important business insights and error tracking capabilities.

Technologies used: Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Azure Pipelines, Bash, Powershell

Applications Engineer @ Steelcase

As an Applications Engineer at Steelcase, I actively contribute to ongoing digital transformation projects. My daily responsibilities encompass strategizing and implementing new features, end users and stakeholder support, bug fixing, gathering requirements and comprehensive process documentation.

Technologies used: React, .NET, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, C#, SQL

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